Lights Of Hope

Release of Lights Of Hope

Lights Of Hope was released on the legal download and streaming platforms on December 18, 2018!

A World Of Nature

A World of Nature

A World Of Nature est le premier morceau enregistré lors de ma session avec le Budapest Symphony Orchestra en septembre 2018. L’orchestre est dirigé par François Rousselot et enregistré par Tamás Kurina à Tom Tom Studio Budapest. La harpe est interprétée par Constance du Bellay et enregistrée par Arnaud Delannoy. Un grand merci aux deux formidables solistes (cor et cor anglais) ainsi qu’à Rebeka Drahos, contractor de l’orchestre!

Amazon Prime

Music for the commercial Amazon Prime

I feel very honoured that Amazon Prime Vidéo chose Everyday Delights (GUM Tapes / Universal) for their last commercial! The TV spot has been broadcast since October 2018 in France, Spain and Italy.

Dogs And Cats

“Dogs and Cats” with the Quatuor Van Kuijk

For my last album GUM Tapes / Universal, I challenged myself to compose a piece of music in the style of the light music of the 40s – 50s. “Dogs and Cats” was recorded by six amazing musicians: the string quartet Van Kuijk (Nicolas Van Kuijk, Sylvain Favre-Bulle, Emmanuel François and François Robin), the double-bassist Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac and the fabulous one-man-band Arnaud Delannoy (clarinet). The music was mixed by Etienne Colin.

Concert Augmenté

Video recording of the augmented concert

The video recording of the augmented concert on the 6th april 2018 is now available on YouTube! At 27’26, you will be able to listen to the world premiere of my piece Horizons for concert band and electronics, performed by the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Levallois, conducted by Vincent Renaud!

Flux & Reflux

Second performance of “Flux & Reflux”

Flux et Reflux for clarinet and electronics was performed a second time by Dominique Pfaff on June 17th, 2018, in a concert staged on the occasion of the nomination of the Phare de Courdouan for the Unesco World Heritage list. The Editions L’octanphare, SMIDDEST, Europe, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, and the Gironde and Charente-Maritime départements were organizing this event, co-funded by the European Union.

Concert Augmenté

Augmented concert with the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Levallois

On April 6th, 2018, I performed the first augmented concert with the Orchestre d’Harmonie de Levallois, conducted by Vincent Renaud. This project, on which I was working for several years, associates musicians, electronics, videos, voices and lights, and was supported by my publisher, Les Editions l’Octanphare. An amazing experience which ended with the world premiere of my piece Horizons for concert band and electronics.

Balloon Dating

Diffusion du film “Balloon Dating”

Balloon Dating, directed by Cyrille Drevon, will compete at Festival Court Métrange 2018 and will be screened in 150 Swiss movie theathers in September. This soundtrack mixing tango and electro was played by Arnaud Delannoy.