Release of my album “Chronicles”

My new album Chronicles has been released on October 23rd, 2019 on all major music streaming and download services! Nine tracks which retrace ten years of recording with wonderful musicians. Mastering: Marc Gueroult.

Publicité Orange 2019

Music of three commercials for Orange

Since July 14th, 2019, the last web and TV advertising campaign of Orange has used three of my tracks: Monkey Business, An Odd Affair and Everyday Delights! Agency: Publicis Conseils. Publisher: GUM Tapes / Universal. Music performed by the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra / Fames Project and the Van Kuijk Quartet, mixed by Etienne Colin.

Garden Party

Recording session of “Garden Party”

Video from the recording of Garden Party, extract from my last album GUM Tapes / Universal, recorded with the Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra / Fames Project. The album, which has been broadcast on the TV channels from the whole world since February 2019, is available on the Universal website. Many thanks to the Fames Project team, the musicians from the Orchestra and Etienne Colin who mixed the album!

OST Ewilan

Music from the film “Ewilan”

A few excerpts from the soundtrack of a highly anticipated movie, adapted from a well-known literary series, La Quête d’Ewilan, that was due out in 2019. A few days after I delivered the final mixed music, I nevertheless sadly learned that the film would not eventually be released. I can’t thank director Guillaume enough for trusting me on this movie. This collaboration was wonderful in all aspects. I also immensely thank the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and François Rousselot for the precision of their work on this music.

Commercial Transavia

Music for Transavia commercials

The new year starts very well since my track Fear and Devotion is used in the last commercials of Transavia. These commercials have been broadcast on the web and on the radio since the 7th January 2019, and in the french theaters since January 9th, 2019 at Paris, Nantes and Lyon!