My albums “Immortal” & “Mortal” (Superpitch / BMG) are out now!

My last albums Immortal and Mortal chez SuperPitch / BMG are out now!

These two epic albums / trailers are the culmination of more than two and a half years of work (the first track having been composed at the beginning of 2020). Each album is the mirror of the other. Each album also ends with a song: Legends Never Die (feat. Clara Sorace) and How It Ends (feat. Ethan Cronin), released as singles on March 20 and 27.

I would like to thank all the performers of this project, which has been conceived and recorded all over the world: United States, Canada, France, Italy, Scotland, Hungary and Ukraine🥰


Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by François Rousselot (Apotheosis, Beyond the Sky, Eternal Youth, Here We Stand, How It Begins, Power Up)

Female voice: Clara Sorace (Born to be A God, Humankind, Legends Never Die, The Lord Almighty)
Male voice: Damien Deshayes (Humankind)
Cello: Péter Háry (Born to be a God)
Violin: Irina Markevych & Jesse Grandmont (Heroes Rising)
Duduk, Bansuri and Xiao: Josh Plotner (Humankind)
Additional horns and strings: Arnaud Delannoy (Final Ascent, Humankind, Power Up))

Cover: Sam Hayles


Budapest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by François Rousselot (Annihilation, How It Ends)

Female voice:: Alexa Ray (Requiem Aeternam)
Male voices: Ethan Cronin (How It Ends), Damien Deshayes (Asylum)
Cello: Arnaud Delannoy (First Blood)
Violin: Arnaud Delannoy (How It Ends)
Electric guitars: Damien Deshayes (Hell on Earth)

Cover: Sam Hayles